A spa naturally provides a spiritual inner sanctum for any lifestyle. Be inspired by your architecture and interior design for this special space by VITEC – sauna, steam room, and spa creators. At VITEC, we specialise in conceiving and constructing a bespoke and unique sanctuary to suit each individual home, hotel or health club we are invited to contribute to. Consulting with you and your clients – taking your vision and manifesting a reality beyond your imaginations.Where do your spa dreams take you? For him, it may be a contemplative cave, a place to think. For her perhaps a retreat, a place to indulge. Or together a sensuous space to share. For families, it’s often a time and zone to connect. For all, it is a place of wellbeing. Creating a dream sauna, steam room or spa concept will include a blending of shape and form, colour and texture, art and ornament. Building it will involve specifying heating and lighting, fittings and fixtures, control functions and technology. Managing the processes will require specialist knowledge, skills and experience. At VITEC, our integrated team of interior architects, artisans, craftsmen, engineers, and surveyors will combine disciplines to provide a joined up design and technological solution. Attending to every detail just for you.


The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives leave us with a weary physique. From the health perspective, this can harm both your body and mind. The steam therapy helps relax stiff joints and muscles after workouts, cleanses your skin and remove toxins. So, we recommend steam bath for a stress-free and healthy living. Let us know if you have any plans for such a life.

Hot tubs (Jacuzzi)

Step in open your senses, feel your thoughts clear and enjoy the calmness that spreads through your body. Let your muscles relax, the tension is released. Your thoughts wonder, your dreams become reality. In the warmth the truth emerges, your soul is laid bare. With Jacuzzi, we want to create the ultimate enjoyment that opens the door to what is inside you. This is our promise to you.